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All, for the time being pickup games won’t be occurring due to field maintenance. We apologize, but NWRAA is putting a lot of time into the fields this off season in order to prepare them for Spring Soccer. We will contact everyone when we are ready to open the fields to pickup games again. Do not play on the fields without the express written consent of the board. Please keep your comments to a minimum so that everyone will see this notice. Thank you for your consideration.

Welcome to NWRAA's Pickup Soccer Site

What are pickup games?

  1. Everyone shows up at game starting time.
  2. Rusty splits everyone into two teams (and will balance it throughout the game).
  3. Play a full game and have fun.

What do I need to have?

  1. You can only play during games that are within age requirements. This keeps everyone safe.
  2. Remember this is for fun and development, no need to be rough.
  3. Parents must sign a liability waiver if you didn't play D2 or D3 with an MSA affiliated club the previous season.
  4. Currently: $0 in costs, but discussions with MSA may require a one-time registration fee for those not affiliated with MSA the previous season.

Why? Simple answer: Pickup games during the offseasons are perfect for improving the following:

  1. Stamina (when they would normally be sitting indoors)
  2. Communication and teamwork with stronger and weaker players. Also helps break people out of their comfort zone.
  3. Ball skills naturally by playing with others at or above their skill level.
  4. Getting to meet the kids, parents, & coaches in the age groups you are moving up to.
  5. Prepare you for different formations, play styles, and bigger or smaller fields.
  6. Helps us working folks have a fun thing to do to keep in shape.

When are games?

  1. Sunday afternoons - Check the sidebar to the left for times. They vary due to weather, temperature, and events.
  2. All ages are welcome, but attempts will be made to split stronger & older ages with younger ages due to safety.
  3. We will always play 4 12-15 minute quarters to give everyone a chance to rest.
  4. Fields will change occassionally depending on field usage. Main fields are 3 and 8. Check field map on the left.

I'm an older adult or I'm out of shape - Can I keep up?

  1. This is for fun. We play safe. You have chances to leave and get water. You are not required to stay the entire time

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